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Elvis; Compilation; Charles Hansen Music & Books, Inc.; 1978; 1978; ; English; Paperback; ; Search abe.com (Friday, 26 November 1999)
14 numbers, but only 12 were actually recorded by Elvis! The version of "Puppet On a String" is that recorded by Randy Sandie (Sandie Shaw) and not Elvis's number, and "Witchcraft" is also not the version recorded by him, but the better-known SInatra-type rendition. Oh, and "Frankie and Johnny" is the same tune, but with more traditional lyrics than those used by Elvis. Is it really that difficult to discover such things?
Elvis; Compilation; Hal Leonard Corporation; 1997; 1997; 0-7935-7342-4; English; Paperback; ; Amazon.com Find Elvis Presley book at Amazon.co.uk Search abe.com (Wednesday, 1 January 1997)
100 Elvis songs in paperback pocket-size format! Melody line, chords and lyrics. And not just the usual "greatest hits" selection, either, but contains some hard-to-finds, such as "Bitter They Are, Harder They Fall," "Charro," "Flaming Star," "Kissin' Cousins," "Puppet On A String" and many others.
Elvis Fake Book; Compilation; Hal Leonard Corporation; 1998; 1998; 0-7935-8976-2; English; Paperback; ; Amazon.com Find Elvis Presley book at Amazon.co.uk Search abe.com (Saturday, 12 August 2000)
Excellent collection of 200 of Elvis's songs, some well known (incl. Are You Lonesome Tinight, Hound Dog, and other chestnuts), some known only to the fans, such as Change of Habit, Double Trouble, and Spinout) and some that deserve more exposure, such as Pledging My Love and the delicious Suppose. Australian fans will love the inclusion of Edge Of Reality. For keyboards, vocal and guitar. Pity that just a few vocals are incomplete, especially Gentle On My Mind. Clearly printed and in a ring binder for ease of use. Good stuff.
Elvis Presley Anthology; Compilation; Hal Leonard Corp; ; 1983(?); 0-7935-2558-6; English; Paperback; ; Search abe.com (Thursday, 9 March 2000)
An "Easy Guitar Songbook" collection of 65 of Elvis's songs, mostly the well-known stuff, but including some numbers which are not so easy to find in this form, such as "Pledging My Love" and "Puppet On A String". No Tabs, but lead guitar and chord frames, together with lyrics.
Elvis Presley: Songs From His Movies and More!; Compilation; Amsco Publications; ; ; 0 8256 1526 7; English; Paperback; ; Search abe.com (Wednesday, 1 January 1997)
Folio format collection of 22 songs arranged for piano/vocal with lyrics and chord symbols. Selections from Blue Hawaii, Flaming Star, Follow That Dream, Fun In Acapulco, G.I. Blues, It Happened At The World's Fair ("How Would You Like To Be!"), Kid Galahad, Roustabout ("Big Love, Big Heartache" -- try to find that elsewhere!), Tickle Me, and Easy Come, Easy Go. And on top of that lot, there are some non-film songs, too!
Elvis Through The Years; Compilation; Shattinger International Music Corp.; 1977; 1977; 0 8494 0111 9; English; Paperback; ; Search abe.com (Friday, 26 November 1999)
A "De Luxe Souvenir Song Album" it says; "60 Songs recorded by Elvis" it says. Well hardly deluxe, though it does have some nice black-and-whites and, more unusually, three postcards of a very nice oil painting of Elvis by Cabada. Anyway, as for the music, some good numbers here, including several gospels and the hard-to-find "Guadalajara". The version of "Down By The Riverside" is not "inspirational", nor did Elvis record the Seekers' "A World of Our Own", but you wouldn't expect a music publisher to know that, would you?
Guitar Signature Licks: The Guitars of Elvis; Marshall, Wolf; Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation; 1993; 1993; 0-7935-1927-6; English; Paperback; ; Search abe.com (Wednesday, 1 January 1997)
"Elvis Presley's music is synonymous with the birth of rock and roll and the invention of rock guitar. Now Wolf Marshal takes you back to the roots... with this exploration of the influential styles of the King's fretmen -- Scotty Moore, Hank Garland and James Burton." That's what it says on the back and that's a pretty good description. Includes music scores and CD.
Play Guitar With Elvis; n/a; Wise Publications; 1996; 1996; 0-7119-5760-6; English; Paperback; ; Search abe.com (Monday, 3 May 1999)
Book and CD with eight 1950's numbers; CD includes full instrumental with guitar and backing tracks without guitar (note that these are "soundalike" tracks, not the originals, and that they do not include vocals).
The Compleat Elvis; Connolly, Ray; Wise Publications; 1978; 1978; 0 86001-009-0; English; Paperback; ; Search abe.com (Wednesday, 1 January 1997)
Not the COMPLEAT Elvis, but a brief, albeit well-written and sympathetic, biography, a list of Elvis albums available in the UK (at the time of publication) and 76 scores of some of Elvis's biggest numbers, listed in almost, but not quite, alphabetic order. For a COMPLETER set of scores, try the two volume "Anthology" (if you can afford it!).
The Concise Elvis Presley; n/a; Hal Leonard Corporation; 1997; 1997; 0-7935-8487-6; English; Paperback; ; Amazon.com Find Elvis Presley book at Amazon.co.uk Search abe.com (Monday, 3 May 1999)
Lyrics and music for 48 titles, mostly predictable, but including "Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain". Melody line arrangements with guitar chord boxes, chord symbols and lyrics.

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