Message to Writers and Publishers

As you can see, many titles are listed in my Elvis In Print site. In fact, it is probably the most comprehensive list of printed Elvis material on the Web!
Of course, there are also many titles which are not listed! Unfortunately, as a mere fan, with no commercial interests, I am unable to buy each and every publication about Elvis, as much as I would like to do so.
In order to be able to give fair comment about any publication, I only list those which I have personally read. I also supply a review of each new publication I read to over eighty Elvis Presley fan clubs around the world, who are then free to use the review in their clubs' newsletters/magazines, thus reaching thousands, perhaps tens of thousands more Elvis fans. (The most recent reviews are available online through a link from the relevant book's entry, too!)
If you want to be certain of having your title listed in Elvis In Print and of having it reviewed by a longtime (since 1958) Elvis fan, please feel free to send me a review copy. But, be warned -- I shall be frank and honest in my review!

Contact me.