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Elvis '57: The Final Fifties Tours; Hanson, Alan; iUniverse; 2007; 2007; 978-0-595-43122-9; English; Paperback; Online Review; Amazon.com Find Elvis Presley book at Amazon.co.uk Search abe.com (Tuesday, 14 August 2007)
Alan Hanson's thorough research results in an excellent, detailed review of the 28 concerts that Elvis performed during three tours in 1957. Written with style, full of information, both of the shows themselves and of the events surrounding them. These were Elvis's final concerts of the 1950s. Accompanied by 18 black-and-white photos, few of which have been previously published in book form. Not a book to be missed!
Elvis In Concert; Reggero, John; Delta/Lorelei; 1979; 1979; 0-440-02219-3; English; Paperback; ; Search abe.com (Friday, 15 June 2001)
Photo reportage of two concerts held on 19 July 1975 in Long Island NY. Photos accompanied by sensitive report of both concerts and followed by a brief bio. Pity about one photo that is printed in reverse (thereby showing Elvis playing guitar left-handed, as if that wasn't a give-away to the proof-reader...) and the several double-page spreads that manage to position Elvis right in the fold! Intro by David Stanley.
Elvis in Texas; Torrance, Lori with Stanley Oberst; Wordware Publishing; 2002; 2002; 1-55622-887-2; English; Paperback; Online Review; Amazon.com Find Elvis Presley book at Amazon.co.uk Search abe.com (Thursday, 28 February 2002)
Subtitled "The Undiscovered King 1954 - 1958." A quite excellent review of Elvis's early touring career through Texas, from the humblest of beginnings, playing school gyms and car dealerships to a hundred or less people, to audience of thousands in huge venues. Excellently illustrated with many previously unpublished photos from the very concerts, as well as contemporary photos of the venues and fellow performers.
Elvis on Tour '75; Pichon, Sandi H.; Praytome Publishing; 2007; 2007; 978-3-00-021402-8; English; Hardback; Online Review; Amazon.com Find Elvis Presley book at Amazon.co.uk Search abe.com (Thursday, 6 September 2007)
Excellent collection of photos from four of Elvis's 1975 concerts: 25 April at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Jacksonville, Florida; 30 April at The Omni, Atlanta, Georgia; 1 May, again at The Omni; 2 May, once again at The Omni. Beautifully printed and well bound, this book is a must for 70s concert fans.
Elvis World 10th Anniversary Tribute; Gelormine, Phil (editor); Elvis World Enterprises; 1982; 1982; ; English; Magazine; ; Search abe.com (Friday, 24 July 1998)
Limited edition magazine to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Elvis's record-breaking appearance at NY's Madison Square Garden, June 9-10 1972. Excellent b/w photos accompany newspaper and magazine aricles brought together in scrapbook format.
Elvis: The Concert Years 1969-1977; Skar, Stein Erik; Flaming Star (Pæl Granlund); 1992; 1997; 82-994278-0-0; English; Hardback; Online Review; Search abe.com (Sunday, 25 January 1998)
Superb collection of texts and photos covering the last period of Elvis's career. Each tour/season is handled, accompanied by a host of colour photos from one or more shows. Many press reports are reproduced and other information such as songs and musicians used during each tour/season is also included. Beautifully published. Highly recommended!
Raised On Elvis! Elvis! Elvis!; Pichon, Sandi Haynes; Apex Publishing Ltd.; 2004; 2004; 1-904444-23-7; English; Paperback; Online Review; Amazon.com Find Elvis Presley book at Amazon.co.uk Search abe.com (Sunday, 22 August 2004)
The author followed Elvis to many concerts during the 1970s, becoming recognised and accepted by the Elvis entourage. She describes the many concerts she attended, the costumes worn, the on-stage antics. Interestingly illustrated with personal concert photos. One for the fans!

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