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Careless Love: The Unmaking of Elvis Presley; Guralnick, Peter; Little, Brown and Company; 1999; 1999; 0-316-33222-4; English; Hardback; Online Review; Amazon.com Find Elvis Presley book at Amazon.co.uk Search abe.com (Friday, 19 February 1999)
(Includes army years.) Long-awaited follow-up to Last Train to Memphis and well worth the wait. Same attention to detail, excellently researched, including new information from many interviews. The real story, without hyperbole, sensation or fantasy -- just honesty, sadness and tragedy - so who needs Shakespeare? ;-)
Elvis' Search for God; Stearn, Jeff with Larry Geller; Greenleaf Publications; 1998; 1998; 1-883729-07-6; English; Hardback; Online Review; Amazon.com Find Elvis Presley book at Amazon.co.uk Search abe.com (Tuesday, 3 November 1998)
Stearn's account is heavily influenced by Geller. Too much hearsay narrative for my liking, but second part of book improves. Title not fully justified, but helps shed light on a deeper Elvis than most people are aware ever existed. Unfortunately marred by basic errors.
Elvis: The Final Years; Hopkins, Jerry; W. H. Allen & Co. Ltd.; 1980; 1981; 0 352 30858 1; English; Paperback; ; Amazon.com Find Elvis Presley book at Amazon.co.uk Search abe.com (Wednesday, 1 January 1997)
Sequel to Hopkins' "Elvis," covering December 1970 to August 1977. Largely accurate and honest.

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