Roots Of Elvis; author David Neale; free eBook; epub format

Based on my site, Elvis Presley The Originals, Roots Of Elvis was first published in printed format towards the end of 2003.

The paper format was not ideal, however, as updates and additions to the information contained in Elvis Presley The Originals could not be easily reproduced.

Therefore, I decided to make Roots Of Elvis available as a free ebook, in ePub format.

The ebook has the advantage that it always contains the latest updates to its companion Elvis Presley, The Originals site.

Please feel free to download your copy of Roots Of Elvis in ePub format:


Note that, unlike its printed counterpart, the ebook version of Roots Of Elvis does not contain an Artists Index, nor a Writers and Composers Index, nor, indeed, any of the supplementary texts, such as Problem Originals and Collecting Originals. Perhaps at least some of these will be added at a later date.

It does, however, contain the full list of titles and notes, as included in the Elvis Presley, The Originals site and the ebook has the advantage that it always contains the latest updates, so that it matches the information given in that site. The date of the latest update is indicated on the title page of the Roots Of Elvis ebook, so it is easy for you to check if your version is completely up to date.

There are plenty of books about Elvis already, of course—more than two-thousand titles, in fact, but Roots Of Elvis is something different. It does not retell the story of Elvis's life; it is not a tell-all exposé by someone who once saw Elvis across a room; it is not the tale of an ex "friend" or family-member…

Roots Of Elvis instead examines the very thing that made Elvis tick: his music. More intriguingly, Roots Of Elvis looks at the origins of Elvis's music: who recorded which title first and when? More than 500 titles are included in the eBook version, far more than in the printed version.

The original printed version of Roots Of Elvis was published at the end of 2003. It is no longer available.

© David Neale 2014