WOW Slider problems

Here we see a nice Ken Burns effect for the slide transitions. Forward and back buttons can be made visible by moving the cursor into the image area. In the original WOW Slider slideshow, however, there was a strong dropshadow and a nice set of navigation buttons, too. Indeed, although WOW Slider can provide a whole load of good looking slideshows for use in Sandvox, there are some unfortunate limitations.

Problems with Sandvox

1. Note that here the shadow is prematurely cut off at the bottom of the image area. Also, the navigation buttons are not displayed. This seems to be a result of the constraints of the Sandvox Raw HTML object. To see what the slideshow should look like, take a look at this page. I think you'll agree that it's a pity that Sandvox seems to prevent this usage.

2. It seems impossible to define a background colour for a WOW Slider slideshow in Sandvox. This is not surprising, as WOW Slider places the background colour definition in the HTML Body tag and this tag is a fixed part of Sandvox designs.

3. Dropdown menus are placed behind the image area, instead of in front. This places an added onus on layout.

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