The Original?

Admittedly, We'll Be Together is not the best-known song that Elvis ever recorded. Indeed, I suspect that quite a few fans would not be able to remember its tune, let alone its words. However, it turns out that the song has an interesting history, one far longer than until recently suspected.

It has been generally accepted that the original recorded version of We'll Be Together was made under the title Tulips And Heather by Fred Waring and His Pennsylvanians in 1951. That was until I received a clue in an email from French fellow originals fan, Philippe Spard.

That sent me on a trail that led to other film soundtracks, a beautiful 1954 rendition, and eventually a magazine from 1905 that divulged the original recording.

In summary, I have found the following information, which I believe identifies the original recording of the song that eventually became We'll Be Together:

  • Original title: Carmen Carmela
  • Composer: Unknown
  • Date recorded: May or June 1904
  • Performer: Señor R. Herrera Robinson
  • Date released: June 1905
  • Released on: Edison cylinder 18526

If you can provide an mp3 recording of the original for use here, please contact me.

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