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The place of We'll Be Together in the Elvis saga is rather mysterious in its own right. When was it recorded? Nobody seems to know, not even Elvis music guru Ernst Jorgensen, who, in his book Elvis Presley, A Life In Music: The Complete Recording Sessions, lists the number at the end of the Girls! Girls! Girls! sessions (26-28 March 1962), but gives the actual recording date as "Unknown." (Note, however, that the recording date is shown as 23 May, 1962, in Tunzi's Elvis Sessions III.)

Its writers, as far as Elvis releases are concerned, were Charles O'Curran and Dudley Brooks, yet the same song has had numerous other names associated with it, as well as the probably more accurate "Traditional."

The song really doesn't fit into the soundtrack of Girls! Girls! Girls! at all, given that the film is set in Hawaii. Indeed, it sounds more like a try-out for Fun In Acapulco, the sessions for which were nine months down the line.

It is one of the few songs where Elvis sings in a foreign language. Actually, Elvis sang in at least five languages throughout his career, but, other than for English of course, usually only fairly briefly:

  • English (e.g. well… just about everything he did)
  • German (e.g. Wooden Heart)
  • Hawai'ian (e.g. Aloha Oe)
  • Italian (e.g. Santa Lucia)
  • Spanish (e.g. We'll Be Together, of course, but also a complete track, namely Guadalajara)

In We'll Be Together, Elvis provides a more than passable verse in Spanish, hinting at the origins of the song, though the words are completely different, being little more than a straight translation of the English verse that follows it. Here's an excerpt:

Juntos estaremos

Siempre por siempre

Junto a mi corazón

Siempre estarás…

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