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Elvis Presley, The Originals

I have collected the labels displayed here during many years of searching for original versions of numbers later recorded by Elvis Presley. I don't know if any of the scans shown are copyrighted by anyone, but if this is the case and if the copyright-holder objects to the image being reproduced here, please contact me and the image shall be removed.

It is an almost impossible task to collect the labels of all of the original recordings of numbers later recorded by Elvis Presley. Some are so old that no record of the label exists, some were issued on numerous occasions and finding the first one is as good as impossible, requiring resources I do not possess. Anyway, here you have a gallery of over 420 label scans and photos that offer a colourful and rather different way of looking at Elvis's work. I've split them up into a number of groups, arranged alphabetically. I hope you enjoy them. Perhaps first a word about the titles. As much as possible, I have used the title that is most often used on Elvis's releases. This is not always the same as the title used on the original recording label. For example, Elvis’s recording of Run On was originally recorded under the title God’s Gonna Cut You Down. Here you would look for Run On.

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