That's The Way It Was

The First Annual Convention of the International Elvis Presley Appreciation Society was held in Brussels in 1966. In 1970, a number of European Elvis groups decided to organise the second international meeting of Elvis fans.

The groups concerned were

  • The International Elvis Presley Fan Clubs of Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany and The Netherlands
  • The International Elvis Presley Appreciation Society
  • The Official Elvis Presley Fan Club of Great Britain and The Commonwealth (OEPFC)

The meeting or convention (both terms were used on the tickets and programmes) took place at Le Nouveau Théâtre in Luxembourg (note incorrect spelling on programme!) on Saturday, 5 September 1970. (The theatre was also the venue for the 1973 Eurovision Song Contest. It was renovated in 2002-2003 and is now known as the Grand Théâtre de Luxembourg.)

The offer of a one week trip by the OEPFC was taken up by about 500 of its members, who left Britain on August 30, heading through Belgium, The Netherlands, and Germany, before arriving in Luxembourg for the Convention. A brief photo-essay of the trip can be found here.

We had expected great things of this convention, having been promised "something special" from Elvis. When this "something special" turned out to be a bicycle that Elvis had ridden at the MGM studios, and despite all the efforts of Peter Aldersley to put a brave face on things, the disappointment could almost be felt, and could certainly be heard, in the theatre.

Tony Prince, a then famous zany Radio Luxembourg DJ and favourite of Elvis fans, also did his bit and a fine performance was given, as usual, by Dave Kaye and The Dykons.

Another singer, and one who offered a surprise in the quality of his performance, was the young Dutchman Bert Nühn. Here are some photos of his set, together with more recent information about him.

If you feel you'd like to share your own memories of the 1970 Luxembourg Convention, or have some photos I could post, please feel free to contact me.

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