Lyrics and listen

I transcribed the lyrics below whilst listening to the recording of Columbus Stockade Blues by Darby and Tarlton. The recording is not totally clear, and the accent used by the duo is strong. If anyone can offer more accurate lyrics, please contact me.

If you wish, you can sing along with Darby and Tarlton.

Way down in Columbus, Georgia,
Want to be back in Tennessee.
Way down in Columbus Stockade,
Friends have turned their backs on me.


Go and leave me if you wish to,
Never let me cross your mind.
In your heart you love some other,
Leave me darling, I don't mind.

Many a night with you I've rambled,
Many an hour I've been with you.
Thought I'd gained your heart forever,
Know'd you'd have to follow me.


Last night while I lay sleeping,
I dreamed that I was in your arms.
When I awoke I was mistaken,
I was peering through the bars.


(Here the chorus is sung with a different last line, but I cannot make it out.)

© David Neale 2020