Elvis Film Books

It might come as a surprise to many that some of Elvis's films were based on books: at least nine of them, in fact (Loving You was based on a short story that appeared in a magazine, so is not included here). Some of the books were by some really quite famous authors, such as A Stone For Danny Fisher, which became King Creole, and was written by Harold Robbins; others already had a pedigree by the time Elvis got them, such as Kid Galahad, which was first made into a film in 1937.

Anyway, here are representative covers of all nine books. Click on a thumbnail to see a larger image and to obtain additional information.

To read more about Elvis books, have a look at my Elvis In Print site, where I list some 400 titles, catalogued by genre and with a language index to boot.

If you want to see some more Elvis book cover art, I have scanned some of the best and placed them in my Elvis Covers site for your amusement.

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