Elvis, The Hollywood Years

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Title: Elvis, The Hollywood Years

Language: English

Author: David Bret

ISBN: 1 86105 416 5

Type: Hardback

Price: SOLD

Comments: A sensible, if rather optimistic, appraisal of Elvis's film work, sadly marred by poor research or carelessness: "Lieber" instead of Leiber; "Blackwell Brothers" instead of Blackwood Brothers; inaccurate photo captions... And such a pity that the author, who seems to be quite a film buff, did not continue to add thoughts about the post-army films, as he did for the pre-army ones. Could have been a "must have" Elvis film review, but loses out on the details. Still, a good reference for the films themselves, the 33 of which are each separately analysed, along with basic biographical and career information.